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- 1 Aug 2012 -

It's been such a long time since I posted a blog, not that I haven't wanted to, just the case of being so fantastically busy, I've struggled to find the time to write one. This year has already been a great creative year for me, with weddings most weeks and the family portraits more popular than ever plus the added commercial work to keep me on my toes. The combined work always keeps me fresh, I thus never get bored or tired of weddings, portraits or commercial work. 

Anyway enough of me rabbiting on....(!). I wanted to make time to blog a wedding that I covered in the end of June, with a lovely couple, Ben & Anna, who got married at St Gregory's RC Church in Cheltenham and had their reception at one of my favourite venues The Greenway Hotel and Spa, in Shurdington, just outside Cheltenham. 

I first met Anna and her girlies getting all made up in The Greenway Hotel & Spa where there was a wonderful mix of calmness and giggles.... 

Anna Ben1_31lHnTEa.jpg

Anna Ben2_TKGVmdXN.jpg

Anna Ben3_8aDLbJte.jpg

Anna Ben4_aeent3Fd.jpg

Anna Ben5_WAad8bA0.jpg

Anna Ben6_05ZS3DVd.jpg

Anna Ben7_yBZBDf2X.jpg

Anna Ben8_x4bjoi1O.jpg

Anna Ben9_HPKrTs7P.jpg

Anna Ben10_d22mDDhq.jpg

Anna Ben11_RSbufGHr.jpg

Anna Ben12_PygLXn8I.jpg

Anna Ben13_t7WUVEvp.jpg

Anna Ben14_0mgVZzqQ.jpg

Anna Ben15_Lfn5iW9x.jpg

Anna Ben16_Mt0Y0EVC.jpg

Anna Ben17_12dl4P7v.jpg

Anna Ben19_krnyBuDh.jpg

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