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2013 Weddings

- 15 Jan 2014 -

WOW 2013 was certainly a special year and I've been longing to take time to be able to put some of my favourite wedding images together in a show-offy kind of way. :-) 

It's been ever so hard to chose from the tens of thousands of images that I've taken in the past year. What's unique in my job photographing weddings is that I cover such joyous emotion there is never really a "normal" day. There are not many people whose days work is sharing and documenting such happy occasions? Special moments fly past so quickly and its a real privilege for me to capture such times in the way that I do, with images that hopefully stand the test of time and will be looked back on from friends and more importantly families, for generations to come.   

Weddings 2013aa_Y5ltV21H.jpg

Weddings 2013ab_vkplZBeD.jpg

Weddings 2013ac_ysES7z8A.jpg

Weddings 2013ad_tm0iY25n.jpg

Weddings 2013ae_ps1Rfjp0.jpg

Weddings 2013af_tBWB76wp.jpg

Weddings 2013ag1_MEqqfmbn.jpg

Weddings 2013ah_pu5TCWhI.jpg

Weddings 2013ai_MLls88IF.jpg

Weddings 2013aj_lkBj0F7d.jpg

Weddings 2013aja_OCl0uJ6y.jpg

Weddings 2013ajb_WtSOHKZY.jpg

Weddings 2013ak_IKg0Sw2c.jpg

Weddings 2013al_FCpdxMLb.jpg

Weddings 2013alaa_dNrqbNWd.jpg

Weddings 2013am_1rzkdNWt.jpg

Weddings 2013ap_9dABeroe.jpg

Weddings 2013apc_HCHtqahS.jpg

Weddings 2013apa_0gOiotK2.jpg

Weddings 2013apd_0Im05CRU.jpg

Weddings 2013ar_XxdjFqlZ.jpg

Weddings 2013ba_kK9Omlqj.jpg

Weddings 2013bd1_3lJlqKSH.jpg

Weddings 2013be_Eecf05Ss.jpg

Weddings 2013ca_CF0emxjZ.jpg

Weddings 2013cb_pVDupNkb.jpg

Weddings 2013cc_rvaSAE8s.jpg

Weddings 2013cca_mq0e14rK.jpg

Weddings 2013cd_xY4gXsj1.jpg

Weddings 2013ce_0PYnseIm.jpg

Weddings 2013cea_0kjGWwql.jpg

Weddings 2013cf_EZLumzTk.jpg

Weddings 2013cg_KYmYE7Pf.jpg

Weddings 2013ch_q0vgQhrb.jpg

Weddings 2013ci_UeXOGvP7.jpg

Weddings 2013cj_0GOlPFzX.jpg

Weddings 2013ck_FF5Xp2Cf.jpg

Weddings 2013cl_ZRRGNEwQ.jpg

Weddings 2013cn_3qxCBR5p.jpg

Weddings 2013co_TCB03huR.jpg

Weddings 2013cp_NrsK4gYa.jpg

Weddings 2013cq_wPCx2MRj.jpg

Weddings 2013cr_cZ4BPREb.jpg

Weddings 2013ct_CXeY9g2N.jpg

Weddings 2013cu_DgBaQR8o.jpg

Weddings 2013cv_q97c0KPs.jpg

Weddings 2013cw_BSqq5043.jpg

Weddings 2013cx_JqJ3KGil.jpg

Weddings 2013cy_zNyHpZ3W.jpg

Congratulations to all my 2013 couples, here's to more love and laughter in 2014. Already it looks like a VERY exciting year.

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I would like to thank the following venues for providing the perfect backdrop to all of theses weddings: Pittville Pump Rooms, Hyde Barn, Ellenborough Park Hotel, The Greenway Hotel, The The Barn Bicester, Lower Slaughter Manor, Burleigh Court, Bibury Court, Manor House Moreton,  Stanway House, Malvern College, Hotel Du Vin, Kingscote Barn, Deer Park Hall, Birtsmorton Hall, Hallmark Hotel, The Queens Hotel, Cricklade House, The Matara, Stanway Church, The Frogmill. Vale Golf Club Evesham, Toddington Village Hall, Cripps Barn, The Hare & Hounds Westonbirt, The Swan Hotel Bibury, Ewan nr Cirencester and last but not least Clearwell Castle!