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Weddings Of 2015 Part 1

- 21 Dec 2015 -

I've been lucky enough to photograph over 50 weddings this year and choosing my favourite pictures from literally tens of thousands of fabulous memories has been really, really hard! So hard that I've had to create two Wedding Photographs of 2015 blogs of which I've tried to tell a wedding story.

In this first blog I'll show you some of my favourite pictures from getting ready through to the group pictures and in the next blog will be the couples pictures through to the wedding breakfast and then the first dance.  

So take a break from your mince pies and mulled wine, sit back and enjoy the first part of Blooming Photography's weddings of 2015...

Blooming Photography1_WLuB7gxU.jpg

Blooming Photography2_0T1IpVdc.jpg

Blooming Photography3_ZnkSpHY2.jpg

Blooming Photography4_bL00N09G.jpg

Blooming Photography5_K0P084uJ.jpg

Blooming Photography6_b8GnJjlR.jpg

Blooming Photography7_IFhaxAma.jpg

Blooming Photography8_lbjoSCjX.jpg

Blooming Photography9_RWJsCOjO.jpg

Blooming Photography10_sM5bVkWd.jpg

Blooming Photography10a_LybK5Lbi.jpg

Blooming Photography11_iouYKr4i.jpg

Blooming Photography12_Jkp5T3Ga.jpg

Blooming Photography13_lfLDdfdW.jpg

Blooming Photography13a_n9suU0n2.jpg

Blooming Photography14_VYU8CuCZ.jpg

Blooming Photography15_OpeHepZh.jpg

Blooming Photography16_BIVjWwtp.jpg

Blooming Photography17_tH7gke2N.jpg

Blooming Photography18_xVrJOHc5.jpg

Blooming Photography19_kGpFbOxc.jpg

Blooming Photography20_S9rBy8Pd.jpg

Blooming Photography21_rGxXsFz3.jpg

Blooming Photography22_HimlRTJC.jpg

Blooming Photography23_ZLtG4w1h.jpg

Blooming Photography24_tp20Q8EL.jpg

Blooming Photography25_74yNPC1L.jpg

Blooming Photography26_0VYjGC68.jpg

Blooming Photography27_9A0zJkez.jpg

Blooming Photography28_cjY20kCN.jpg

Blooming Photography29_24NyzHQb.jpg

Blooming Photography29a_Ig1Vbt0q.jpg

Blooming Photography30_Zj0S1rh4.jpg

Blooming Photography31_xF3qO1PN.jpg

Blooming Photography32_YKM4iDTu.jpg

Blooming Photography33_Vcl0EUCg.jpg

Blooming Photography34_B0Ty61Y1.jpg

Blooming Photography35_Dsb7fGDe.jpg

Blooming Photography36_lTP0C1dl.jpg

Blooming Photography37_e9f00xWV.jpg

Blooming Photography38_3UZAnVHU.jpg

Blooming Photography39_efcAWj0m.jpg

Blooming Photography40_PpevoAcH.jpg

Blooming Photography41_WJQTnU9i.jpg

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