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Wedding Blog 2015 Part 2

- 23 Dec 2015 -

I thought I'd show you the 2015 pictures in a kind of wedding "order of the day". Choosing my favourite pictures from literally tens of thousands of fabulous memories has been really, really hard! So hard that I've had to create two Wedding Photographs of 2015 blogs of which I've tried to tell a wedding story.

In Part 1 we covered from getting ready, through to the arrival of the bride and the ceremony itself and onto the celebratory mingling. This continuation Part 2 will naturally take you on the rest of the wedding day journey, from the couple pics through to the wedding breakfast, speeches and then finally the couple's first dance. It's normally the coverage I give to each of my bride and grooms which provides a perfect record of their special day.

Blooming Photography1_QfMGdd5C.jpg

Blooming Photography2_zTo0oDJZ.jpg

Blooming Photography3_I7kkt3zH.jpg

Blooming Photography4_cQnbDWsG.jpg

Blooming Photography6_nzOBfr0q.jpg

Blooming Photography7_4ND0xoTP.jpg

Blooming Photography8_Yox4JriM.jpg

Blooming Photography9_oOFka7GW.jpg

Blooming Photography10_v29bCOzw.jpg

Blooming Photography11_srCYUuFX.jpg

Blooming Photography12_WmadSMpD.jpg

Blooming Photography13_850n60oX.jpg

Blooming Photography13a_ymTh4jxG.jpg

Blooming Photography14_ff0brE8d.jpg

Blooming Photography15_MZ8280Zy.jpg

Blooming Photography16_V01GusWA.jpg

Blooming Photography20_Y5nIsm9U.jpg

Blooming Photography21_iqgNPh0p.jpg

Blooming Photography22_UT2sA2T7.jpg

Blooming Photography23_HLr0yfhz.jpg

Blooming Photography24_mQnNxaSm.jpg

Blooming Photography25_HMqVujrv.jpg

Blooming Photography26_ff28Lvak.jpg

Blooming Photography27_xREYBYT0.jpg

Blooming Photography28_COvgRvMh.jpg

Blooming Photography29_88yKaii7.jpg

Blooming Photography30_SGm2EGkh.jpg

Blooming Photography31_k1AcG1N0.jpg

Blooming Photography31a_rDWm0jzB.jpg

Blooming Photography31b_svbAhb5k.jpg

Blooming Photography32_3NymcGMH.jpg

Blooming Photography33_V9FpNKW0.jpg

Blooming Photography35a_j1Utq1Jx.jpg

Blooming Photography35b_ybPFBMn0.jpg

Blooming Photography35c_u0qFrE6V.jpg

Blooming Photography36_VtPuqYoM.jpg

Blooming Photography40_7OupRBKB.jpg

Blooming Photography41_psLd7HQx.jpg

Blooming Photography43_k6A1slju.jpg

Blooming Photography43A_IOXty40n.jpg

Blooming Photography44_nFQpDNfX.jpg

Blooming Photography45_hO0kabag.jpg

Blooming Photography46_aaDVfDAd.jpg

Blooming Photography47_J50dKdSf.jpg

Blooming Photography48_e0F3aEWb.jpg

Blooming Photography49_zoev50aH.jpg

Blooming Photography50_Cbpc61dj.jpg

Blooming Photography51_RSe2Yxet.jpg

Blooming Photography52_9U5nYzEk.jpg

Blooming Photography53_ZSTm7zvM.jpg

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