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Weddings of 2016

- 20 Dec 2016 -

Wow what a year 2016 has been! 

I've been fortunate to witness hundreds and hundreds of moving, magical and marvellous moments that I thought it would only be right to share a few of my favourites with you...obviously I can't include them all otherwise you will still be looking at this blog in 2018!!!

So here goes, pour yourself a glass of your favourite festive tipple and enjoy!

Let's start by seeing what the girls have been up too...

Blooming Photography1_uo0Tt6Ln.jpg

Blooming Photography2_2PXODMo5.jpg

Blooming Photography4_2du4s4eS.jpg

Blooming Photography5_UX22wj5C.jpg

Blooming Photography6_7iMPSl9G.jpg

Blooming Photography7_ocw5HxMt.jpg

Blooming Photography8_a0C6ZQ2T.jpg

Blooming Photography9_Ied9wayo.jpg

Blooming Photography10_myKQKt3S.jpg

Blooming Photography11_o06wLUGG.jpg

Blooming Photography12_FiHD6Okd.jpg

Blooming Photography13_hVgO36qN.jpg

Blooming Photography14_dMNmsmt4.jpg

Blooming Photography15_hrhFjmQ0.jpg

Blooming Photography16_0vPDGx7a.jpg

Blooming Photography17_QOdrzKmX.jpg

Blooming Photography18_VDO5hZ9A.jpg

Blooming Photography19_AvRWOAAd.jpg

Blooming Photography20_Z8cyfPgZ.jpg

Blooming Photography21_WnO7Xiix.jpg

Blooming Photography22_btT50LKO.jpg

Blooming Photography22a_U1Y6yUmU.jpg

Blooming Photography24_R8uZhuRi.jpg

Blooming Photography25_PWxRoNqE.jpg

Blooming Photography26_hhvSFTyb.jpg

Blooming Photography27_vqjXSS0b.jpg

Blooming Photography28_y0xPc0V8.jpg

Blooming Photography29_8wpvlKc7.jpg

Blooming Photography30_bFRW0kNZ.jpg

Blooming Photography31_8tl5OrRc.jpg

Blooming Photography32_74pUlPfV.jpg

Blooming Photography33_IMyd0xKl.jpg

Blooming Photography34_MOxaYBcu.jpg

Blooming Photography35_q9tQZFwv.jpg

Blooming Photography36_BGc2RjWW.jpg

Blooming Photography37_gAd3wSO0.jpg

Blooming Photography38_scaMQy7E.jpg

Blooming Photography40_oK7yro0j.jpg

Blooming Photography41_11SLu7D3.jpg

Blooming Photography42_7QbEzCe0.jpg

Blooming Photography43_nwv8ZyRy.jpg

Blooming Photography44_tIGiy4yJ.jpg

Blooming Photography45_CSKynKDq.jpg

Blooming Photography46_byQ9dhTD.jpg

Blooming Photography47_JFZXX00V.jpg

Blooming Photography48_RTrxP0Uj.jpg

Blooming Photography49_abrL1DU8.jpg

Blooming Photography50_a7lMnL0L.jpg

Blooming Photography51_utkwpxYq.jpg

Blooming Photography52_yGCvGSxb.jpg

Blooming Photography53_i8XfNTmC.jpg

Blooming Photography54_RtncshDB.jpg

Blooming Photography55_rVxIYfQn.jpg

Blooming Photography56_C7oS0c54.jpg

Blooming Photography57_8NqtKOCF.jpg

Blooming Photography58_5ikZ4XaM.jpg

Blooming Photography59_dRKUH4Pz.jpg

Blooming Photography60_p0wMD0Km.jpg

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