Cheltenham Outdoor Portraits

- 15 Jul 2013 -

It's generally very rare for families to all get together. Christmas, wedding's and sadly funerals are usually the occasion when we all meet up. The Thacker family however want to create a surprise wedding anniversary present for their parents in a lovely unique way by having a photo shoot of all of them together. 

It doesn't matter on what time of the year you do this, you can never predict the weather but an outdoor shoot is an ideal way for all ages to enjoy the fresh air, have fun and come away with some priceless pictures that all of you will treasure forever. 

I met up with all the family on an idyllic summers afternoon in a park in Cheltenham. 

If you or your family are looking for an alternative family photo shoot then please don't hesitate to give me a call (01242 253665) or email me at

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