Commercial Case Study - Nu Beginings

- 24 Feb 2015 -

You may ask why should a successful business need to invest in promoting themselves through images?

Surely Stock images would suffice?

Well you could be right but what if you could gain extra sales through creating your own identity and reaching out to potential clients (both old and new) through several media formats (website, print, facebook, twitter e.t.c.)

The value of promoting your business by creating a positive image has never been more important. 

NuBeginnings is one such business - a hugely successful luxury Boot Camp offering a residential weightloss programme situated in stunning Devon. 

Owner Victoria Wills contacted me as she wanted to show off what NuBeginnings offered to its clients, this wasn't easy through the use of Stock images as she wanted to show off so much; location, types of courses, luxury accommodation, food, staff... the list went on. 

I've briefly mentioned that NuBeginnings is located in Devon but more specifically it's in Ilfracombe - a town that's surrounded by stunning countryside and beaches, and a perfect place for people to come to get away from it all and immerse themselves in a weightloss programme. NuBeginnings uses both the natural surroundings for its work programmes plus inside the grand NuBeginnings building it has ample space for exercise classes.

So if you have a business or are part of a business that would like to promote what you do then please get in touch. Please contact us on 01242 253665 or e-mail to discuss your individual needs.

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