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Cotswold Wedding Photography

- 20 Nov 2015 -

I mentioned it many times on my blog but I am truly blessed in where I live - The Cotswolds. With rolling countryside and quaint little stone villages you'd be hard pushed to find anywhere quite as stunning especially in the luscious summer months, so where better a place to get married?

I originally met Charlotte and Alex via a Skype call as they were living over in Sydney, Australia. However Charlotte's parents were from the Cotswolds (Alex's were from France, as was he originally) and after Alex had popped the vital question (Will you marry me?) they decided to base there wedding in the gorgeous village of Lower Slaughter.

Charlotte was to get ready at Lower Slaughter Manor (please see my other blog of a wedding here by clicking here), then to marry next door at the church and have their reception across the road at The Slaughters Inn.  

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What Charlotte & Alex said about using me as their wedding photographer:

"Dear Ben,

Alex and I wanted to say a huge thank you for being such a fantastic photographer.

From our very first Skype (in Oz) we knew it would all work out perfectly. You were so easy to get along with and literally had us in stitches within the first few minutes, it felt like we had known you for years. You made us feel at ease which is so important.

Thank you for all your help on the wedding day too, you were thinking of things I hadn't got round to yet and it was such a help, I felt I had my very own wedding coordinator!

On the day we were a little nervous and you were right there with words of advice tip and tricks, it really felt like we had a good friend beside us! Thank you.

We had the most sensational day, thank you so so much for the beautiful images you took, it all captures such precious and memorable moments so perfectly. When we sat down (with our bubbly) to view our pictures, it was like reliving our wedding day all over again, watching the images on a slideshow.

Thank you!

With best wishes

Mr & Mrs Manoukain

P.S Our guests absolutely loved you too!! X"