Cowley Manor Weddings

- 24 Nov 2014 -

Tucked away in the gorgeous English countryside, Cowley Manor is  away from any main roads and you can be excused for missing it. Once you find it though, it somehow pulls you back in and whenever you're nearby you are mysteriously drawn back to the contemporary country house, to be indulged in all its beauty.

What I and many people love about England is it four seasons. The affect this has is none more showing than on the landscape and this is why Nathalie and Raphael were keen to have their wedding at Cowley Manor in the Autumn. They couldn't have chosen a better day, the light was crisp, the colours were burning, however they did choose to get married at 4pm, so I had to work quickly in order to capture the essence of their day... 

Congratulations to Nathalie & Raphael.  

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