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Commercial Photographer | Case study

- 1 Oct 2015 -

You may ask why should a successful business need to invest in promoting themselves through images?

Surely Stock images will suffice?

Well you could be right but what if you could gain extra sales through creating your own identity and reaching out to potential clients (both old and new) through several media formats (website, print, facebook, twitter e.t.c.)

The value of promoting your business by creating a positive image has never been more important. 

What's the most vital asset to your business? Your staff of course! So ensuring you come across as friendly, and approachable is imperative to your client base.

None more so than to Dragon Vets in Cheltenham, they came to me as they were looking to show off the wide range of services that they offer, intending to use the images on their website and also in various publications... I started off by taking a team shot:

Cheltenham Equine Centre2_30TJWizi.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre3_UV1RWUJ8.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre1_u0Y00oJd.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre4_AG8Yu664.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre5_lno1f0mJ.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre6_1QAeoaUP.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre7_UtBmRWZk.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre7a_oSkOD7R0.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre8_Ufad8UqX.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre8a_O4ntGF0o.jpg

Dragon Veterinary Centre1_tBIHkYXi.jpg

Dragon Veterinary Centre2_ViJNTV0y.jpg

Dragon Veterinary Centre3_Xi6BFIfb.jpg

Dragon Veterinary Centre4_ey3FqT7M.jpg

Dragon Veterinary Centre5_Dri0nsLb.jpg

Dragon Veterinary Centre6_9rTC02Iu.jpg

Dragon Veterinary Centre7_spgP3E00.jpg

Cheltenham Equine Centre9_JD3OLFrZ.jpg

So if you have a business or are part of a business that would like to promote what you do then please get in touch. Please contact us on 01242 253665 or e-mail to discuss your individual needs

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