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Hyde Barn Wedding

- 4 Oct 2012 -

Hyde Barn is the Cotswolds freshest wedding & event venue. Having just been finished in late Spring, it brings a certain .....  the barn itself, a mixture of traditional yet stylish design. Situated just outside Stow on the Wold, it has panoramic views of surrounding countryside, which obviously provides the perfect backdrop to any wedding or event.


What's more Hyde Barn has the ability to host fabulous ceremonies indoors and on sunny days, idyllic ceremonies by the wooden arbour. 

Harriet and John were overjoyed that the autumn sun came out to play meaning that the outdoor ceremony wasn't a dream any longer......

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If you like what you see and you're planning (or one of your friends are...!!) on getting married please don't hesitate to give me a call on 07858 775922 or email([email protected] me) for my price list 

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Ben was also very pleased to have been shortlisted for the 2012 Wedding Industry Awards South West Photographer of the Year and put forward for the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards South West– which recognizes and rewards excellence in the industry. Ben say's "In a very competitive market it is an honour that my bride and grooms have put me forward and voted for me.