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Hyde Barn Weddings

- 4 Mar 2015 -

I'm often asked as a wedding photographer, what is my favourite venue?

An impossible question as I am privileged to be able to visit some of the most beautiful wedding venues not just in Gloucestershire but across the country and more recently Europe.

If I had to pick a top 10, one that would certainly be on the list would be Hyde Barn near the Cotswold village of Stow on the Wold. Over the few years it's been open, I've photographed numerous weddings there, each of them different in their own unique way. The venue itself was designed for weddings and you can tell, its also surrounded by idyllic countryside, but what makes it really stand out is its staff. Annie and her team will bend over backwards to make sure that a couple's wedding day is special to them - and I like that. 

I'm from the same way of thinking - every wedding I photograph, the chemistry of not only the couple but their family and guests makes my job enjoyable. I thrive on that energy alone. I'm somewhat blessed that when I get up and go to work I'm surrounded by happy people having the best day of their lives and in turn I capture that buzz, that excitement, that emotion, that sheer thrill of the day. I then do my bit, edit the pictures, package them and hand the memories back not only to the couple but also to the family and friends that surrounded them.  

Today's wedding day was Harriet and Craig's, the weather was going to be mixed with showers which meant there wouldn't be an outdoor ceremony, however that wasn't going to dampen anyone's spirits...

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