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Laura & Harry's Wedding at The Tythe Barn, Launton

- 12 Oct 2016 -

Over the past 12 or so years I've photographed many a wedding at The Tythe Barn, Launton near Bicester. A stylish yet rustic venue, it always stands out as an amazing place to host a wedding.  There's also always a great vibe both with the guests and staff, which of course makes it easy to photograph.

This time I was to photograph Laura & Harry's special day. I first met up with Laura, her daughter Lucy and her bridesmaids...

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Tythe Barn Weddings1_66VZfX0M.jpg

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Tythe Barn Weddings10_AXHSCfu5.jpg

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Tythe Barn Weddings14_yJjxTRJi.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings15_Fw7gLAG5.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings16_Svh7zAct.jpg

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Tythe Barn Weddings20_WYhyZxFI.jpg

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Tythe Barn Weddings23_yQFb0o2Z.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings24_T1jpugp1.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings25_dLU0AiRw.jpg

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Tythe Barn Weddings27_cLqwcdCE.jpg

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Tythe Barn Weddings31_uxJi0sMo.jpg

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Tythe Barn Weddings34_MfGDXjtK.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings35_O5p9w4vt.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings36_vGAZfRks.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings37_27niqXuO.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings38_KqBgGyHi.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings39_LOkBiKz0.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings40_zwF2Q6wE.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings41_DmFInhbI.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings42_SKsEgxLf.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings43_pPxK0eRm.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings44_jG98Adnx.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings45_VnubXHil.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings46_z1PkWdyv.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings47_I6WEDT5P.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings48_upr4XsPC.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings49_W8BkW1s0.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings50_kXrjT4gN.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings51_uFNZU6ia.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings52_JgpXAaVe.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings53_vEbi7py0.jpg

Tythe Barn Weddings54_SNObnfHX.jpg

Thank you Laura & Harry, what a great day. 

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