Lusty Glaze Wedding

- 9 Jul 2012 -

It's always great to get away. For me particularly, having a fresh set of eyes helps me look at things differently, which is obviously vital in my line of work. As soon as Sarah & Doug asked me to be their photographer for their Cornwall wedding I started to get excited. Their wedding was to be spread over two days. The first day was the civil ceremony (the legal bit) held just outside Newquay at the wonderful Lusty Glaze Beach with close family and friends to witness the beauty of it all. The main wedding day was to be held at Rosewastis Farm House on the following day (please see Part 2)


I met Sarah & Doug outside Rosewastis Farm House just before they started their journey of marriage aboard a wonderful 1950's vintage coach bus.

Sarah Doug1_jM90ktB7.jpg

Sarah Doug2_WBjhCzG7.jpg

sarah dougchange_qKEQKDVc.jpg

Sarah Doug4_k46MfEWv.jpg

Sarah Doug5_xipP4GwY.jpg

Sarah Doug6_Ckahr3e8.jpg

Sarah Doug7_0wKtrDYQ.jpg

Sarah Doug8_yylPqcmc.jpg

Sarah Doug9_dV9Buc1u.jpg

Sarah Doug10_VgLPCd2W.jpg

Sarah Doug11_0tN0TYZD.jpg

Sarah Doug12_n77VFQct.jpg

Sarah Doug13_7zgj3n0e.jpg

Sarah Doug14_JS0T1uwA.jpg

Sarah Doug15_sn8xZ5Go.jpg

Sarah Doug16_v2X0w8Wx.jpg

Sarah Doug17_AEIAxExa.jpg

Sarah Doug18_X7hFR5pR.jpg

Sarah Doug19_5toP4Sv3.jpg

Sarah Doug20_wQ0l0TpR.jpg

Sarah Doug21_mM0jitQN.jpg

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