Vintage Wedding

- 16 Aug 2012 -

I love it when people do things differently, and think outside the box, Sarah & Doug are a couple just like that. They had got married at a small ceremony the day before (at Lusty Glaze Beach) with close family and friends attending and then planned to hold a wedding blessing in front of all their friends at Rosewastis Farm House on the Saturday. Having their ceremony at the Farm House meant they could plan a party like no other and treat everyone to a day & night they were unlikely to forget.


The original plan was to have an outdoor blessing / ceremony (with a vintage wedding theme) & then head up the hill for afternoon tea and games on the lawn, however being in England the weather chose to be as unkind as possible, with rain and wind unlike you'd more likely expect in winter rather than mid June. Plan's were rearranged on the morning and instead the ceremony was to be held in the marquee and afternoon tea was moved to the farmhouse. No one, or thing was going to put a dampner on this celebration!.....

The marquee was so magical anyway it brought out a lovely romantic feel to the day...... 

aSarah Doug1a_r03qPBRS.jpg

aSarah Doug11_kYmDKFvT.jpg

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