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Kingscote Barn Wedding

- 23 Sept 2012 -

You may remember back in June we seemed to have endless days of rain. Summer seemed like a distant memory from years past, however for one day the rain stopped. The sun creeped out from behind the clouds and said hello, for this day was Sarah & Mike's wedding day and the sun wanted to play!

Sarah & Mike's wedding was held at the fabulous Cotswold venue Kingscote Barn (nr Tetbury). If your looking for a stunning venue, in the heart of the Cotswolds, with rolling hillsides (and maybe the odd sheep!) - Kingscote Barn is the place. Recently awarded South West Wedding Venue of the year (2012) by The Wedding Industry Awards - you honestly would be pushed to find a better place for a wedding

I first caught up with Sarah who was getting ready in one of the cottages adjacent to Kingscote Barn.    

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Ben was also very pleased to have been shortlisted for the 2012 Wedding Industry Awards South West Photographer of the Year and put forward for the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards South West– which recognizes and rewards excellence in the industry. Ben say's "In a very competitive market it is an honour that my bride and grooms have put me forward and voted for me.