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Lower Slaughter Manor Weddings

- 20 Oct 2013 -

I'm fortunate enough to say that the Cotswolds is my back garden, in fact it has been pretty much all my life. Having grown up in Broadway, as a child, on Sundays, I used to be unwillingly put into the back of my parents' car with a relative and given the grand tour of Bourton On the Water, Stow On Wold, Chipping Campden, Moreton In Marsh, good old Snowshill and last but not least The Slaughters. Days before child entertainment such as an iphone, let alone a GameBoy (yes I am that old!) all I could do, was to look out of the car window and appreciate the view (which of course I didn't!). 


As a few decades have past(!) and having travelled around a fair bit I now realise how lucky I was as a child to have grown up in such surroundings. The Cotswolds I have to say, really is an area of outstanding beauty and I now see why people from all over the world continually flock to see it. What's more the backdrop of the Cotswolds, with it's central location and just being over an hour's travel from London means it's a popular place to get married.

One of the most special hotels in the Cotswolds has to be Lower Slaughter Manor. Whatever time of the year you visit the hotel you will be literally blown away by the quintessential Englishness of the place. What's more Lower Slaughter Manor also offers fairytale architecture, rich interiors and breathtaking views. It is the ultimate venue for luxurious wedding receptions, civil ceremonies and civil partnerships. 

I was literally bursting at the seams with excitement when I arrived on a hot summer's day to photograph Gemma and Nathan's wedding!........

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Congratulations Gemma & Nathan!

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