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Stanway House Weddings

- 29 Oct 2013 -

Take a look back at the summer (yes we actually can say we had one this year!) and I don't know about you, but I just picture long hot sunny day's. It was almost like the ones that I gloriously remember when I was a child. From about June I think I was only at one wet wedding this year and on that occasion the rain only came in after all the mingling pictures were done and the guests were sat down for wedding breakfast. Nice! 2013 literally became a Vintage wedding year!


Tom & Lindsey chose the beginning of August to get married. This is when schools first break up and often when the English summer storms start, but not this year, for it was going to be another scorcher! Smiles all round!


I first met up with Lindsey at Mickleton Hill Farm) where all Lindsey's side of the family were getting ready....

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Congratulations to Tom & Lindsey!

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