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The Hope Foundation

- 15 Feb 2017 -

Ever since being a child I’ve always had a love for photography and I'm fortunate enough now that it is my profession. Over 10 years ago I set up Blooming Photography. Mainly photographing weddings, businesses and family portraits.

As a photographer you need to be passionate about what you are doing in order for your work to remain fresh and exciting.  To keep that passion alive it’s vital that I try to get inspiration from a variety of things and that’s why I recently travelled to Kolkata, India.

Whilst in Kolkata I had several aims, but my two main aims were to promote the work of a charity and to photograph a wedding, both of which I managed to achieve (more about that in another blog..coming soon!)!

I visited The Hope Foundation in Kolkata, with the aim to have a better understanding of what it is like on the street of Kolkata and to see the good work that they do. I wanted to photograph the good work that HOPE does, to show people back at home that with their support things can and are being improved for people and young children living on the street.  


The Hope Foundation

The Hope Foundation (HOPE) is a registered charity working with street and slum children in Kolkata.

Hope rescues thousands of children from the streets and slums of Kolkata, helping to improve their quality of life and giving them a better future. They start this by providing the youngest rescued children with nursery care and education.

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I would like to thank all the kind people at The Hope Foundation for taking the time to show me around their amazing centres in and around Kolkata. Their dedication is outstanding. 

If you'd like to see more please click this link to go direct to The Hope Foundations website.

They rely solely on your generosity. To donate to The Hope Foundation please copy and paste this link or click here.