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Matara Centre Weddings

- 13 Jun 2014 -

With a hidden gem at every turn, few venues can inspire you quite as much as The Matara Centre. Set in the heart of the Cotswolds it couldn't feel further away from it. Being there you'd actually think you were 7000 miles away in Japan! 


Visually the Matara Centre is breathtakingly beautiful (a photographer's dream), but sensually it's also a magical place that is spiritual and leaves you feeling a sense of calm. What a great place for Gemma & Jason to start off their married life. 

I initially met up with Jason and his best man Matt...

The Matara Center2_cbtKvGbz.jpg

The Matara Center3_rcj0MFuj.jpg

The Matara Center4_OBae2sfk.jpg

The Matara Center5_00rG6mwu.jpg

The Matara Center6_B0rBWbsF.jpg

The Matara Center7_Y0OdfMWs.jpg

The Matara Center8_Sw9M7Zj2.jpg

The Matara Center9_ZXz0OaFa.jpg

The Matara Center10_US13jLTx.jpg

The Matara Center11_3OUBkG0v.jpg

The Matara Center16a_IM4htpvm.jpg

The Matara Center12_uTPoaKJy.jpg

The Matara Center13_q60jaUgD.jpg

The Matara Center14_NXEhghHK.jpg

The Matara Center18_deVFtVgt.jpg

The Matara Center19_WClsMu2J.jpg

The Matara Center15_vRWanbAY.jpg

The Matara Center28_wEHJ32X0.jpg

The Matara Center20_KEfJxU5C.jpg

The Matara Center21_1gLagQnG.jpg

The Matara Center22_dDqfmYlH.jpg

The Matara Center23_TBrQY0iK.jpg

The Matara Center24_inohLFiX.jpg

The Matara Center25_xN2fO4Bh.jpg

The Matara Center26_ZU4Hd90z.jpg

The Matara Center27_QDAgl8Hd.jpg

The Matara Center29_5NNegsQ9.jpg

The Matara Center30_GbG0zvG0.jpg

Congratulations again Gemma & Jason! 

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