Tuscany Wedding

- 14 Oct 2014 -

My career as a photographer has taken me to places and put me in situations I could only have dreamed of. Sometimes I have to pinch myself at the time that what is happening is real, my camera documenting what I see and when I look back a few days after or best of all months or years after, I think how lucky I have been. 

So when I get a call from a bride to be (Yas) asking if I'd be able to photograph their wedding in Tuscany the following year, I obviously jumped at the chance... actually it was more like a flying leap! 

You may ask how I get to go to photograph someone's wedding in Tuscany? Well I'm pleased to say through recommendation. I photographed Yas' friend Jo and Tom's Cotswold wedding the previous year and Yas liked the way I worked (and loved the pictures of course!) and wasn't totally keen in general on Italians' approach to wedding photography (Very posed and sometimes cheesy!).

 So why Tuscany? Yas and Chris wanted to do something a little different when they got married. Yas was part Italian but lived and worked in London. Both she and Chris holidayed in Italy and knew how naturally stunning Tuscany was. Thus they entertained the idea of getting married there. Driving around the country, they came across an area just south of Sienna, where rolling countryside literally takes your breath away. Their wedding had to be here but they then of course needed a venue to accommodate their friends and family... they then stumbled across Villa Boscarello. The idea was born.