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Urban Pre Wedding

- 15 Sept 2013 -

Normally (is there a norm?!) brides and grooms come and visit me at my studio. They look at my portfolio, chat about their wedding day and if they decide they like me (more than likely!!), book me as their wedding photographer. Months pass and then all of a sudden their wedding day is apon them and I go and document the magic with my camera. 


Some couples however either say to me "I hate having my photo taken" or "we'd like to get to know you better before our wedding day". I totally get that. I actually hated having my photo taken year ago and only felt confident in front of the camera after a few pints of my favourite beverage (cider!). Also with something as intimate as a wedding, having someone pointing a camera at all different angles, all day long can seem a little uncomfortable. 

It is then I suggest a pre wedding photo shoot or if you rather call it a engagement shoot.  A lot of the time on pre wedding shoots is actually spent chatting, thus getting us a little more comfortable with one another. Psychologically if your happier with the people your around with, you tend to act more natural, thus making it much easier for me to photograph you looking more natural. Simple but very true. 

My style of photograph also means we don't just stand still, turn your head a bit, look that way, no that way, hang on a minute (wait 5 min). Rather, it's fast paced therefore not allowing you to feel vain about oneself. I always try and make it fun and a little bit quirky.

Usually the pre wedding shoot creates a bond between us. You'll have seen the pre wedding images beforehand, which will also give you further confidence in my ability as a photographer, so that on the big day, you just let me get on with it, therefore allowing you to enjoy the day. 

Fran & Ian, live in Bristol, (I also love Bristol!), they heard about my photograph through friends. Ian had just had a jaw operation and was seriously dreading the photography part of the wedding day. Thus it was decided that we should give him a confidence booster and do a pre wedding photoshoot......these are some of the images taken in our hours photo shoot /walk about town....

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I'm also very pleased to have been shortlisted for the past two years as South West Photographer of the year by the Wedding Industry Awards  which recognizes and rewards excellence in the industry. In a very competitive market it is an honour that my bride and grooms have put me forward and voted for me.

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