Magical Cotswold Ceremony

- 1 Oct 2015 -

Keena and Stirling lives came together whilst working on a cruise ship - they were originally worlds apart, Keena from South Africa and Stirling from Kent, England. Love blossomed and they couldn't be separated. 

Once Keena said yes, their thoughts moved to how they get their friends and family together from across the globe.

Their search for a wedding venue meant they were looking for not only a place to get married but also a place for quite a lot of people to stay. They happened to stumble across the beautiful Wellacres House in Blockley, Gloucestershire almost by accident. Situated in the heart of the Cotswold countryside, Wellacres House meant that all their family and friends could not only be comfortably accommodated but also the grounds in which it was situated could host the wedding ceremony that they had been dreaming of. 

Okay now let's see how those dreams became a reality...