Adam Isabel 464 of837_BRMavSYW.jpg

Winter weddings at Kingscote Barn

- 20 May 2015 -

Winter weddings tend to evoke a very romantic ambience.

Kingscote Barn is tucked away in the gorgeous Cotswold countryside, set with fields all around. Adam and Isabel decided on this beautiful venue for their winter wedding in December.

You may have seen my wedding blog taken here in the summer, well now you can see it in a whole new light, winter sunlight that is!

I met up with Adam and his groomsmen, who were putting the finishing touches to their suits...

Kingscote Barn2_bqU8jqD5.jpg

Kingscote Barn3_6ccNpCSZ.jpg

Kingscote Barn4_ZLJcIF1R.jpg

Kingscote Barn5_LAdd4ZVE.jpg

Kingscote Barn6_4eFglbSN.jpg

Kingscote Barn8_Dl08K2Ta.jpg

Kingscote Barn9_qyH6XdQ3.jpg

Kingscote Barn10_QDE74g4t.jpg

Kingscote Barn10a_wff45BmQ.jpg

Kingscote Barn11_knAOFLc4.jpg

Kingscote Barn12_0aDkbrni.jpg

Kingscote Barn12a_wWutC6xc.jpg

Kingscote Barn13_JxBl40Bp.jpg

Kingscote Barn14_KwBGy55a.jpg

Kingscote Barn15_K9TTwblk.jpg

Kingscote Barn16_lbsE2ea0.jpg

Kingscote Barn17_jvLxRryn.jpg

Kingscote Barn18_HqpYKd7Z.jpg

Kingscote Barn19_G3TGZCNw.jpg

Kingscote Barn20_0RGqpvj0.jpg

Kingscote Barn21_eLQE0yFj.jpg

Kingscote Barn22_690m5yZu.jpg

Kingscote Barn23_3gafRBMa.jpg

Kingscote Barn25_010JXGnI.jpg

Kingscote Barn26_40G7pV80.jpg

Kingscote Barn27_nGcAo9bO.jpg

Kingscote Barn28_f8EF4M3w.jpg

Kingscote Barn29_WEC4BzaS.jpg

Kingscote Barn30_sxyQhYyU.jpg

Kingscote Barn31a_nYj8pzlA.jpg

Kingscote Barn32_6GeXhDl0.jpg

Kingscote Barn33_CHMeS0Oc.jpg

Kingscote Barn34_2JhDBhR0.jpg

Kingscote Barn36_xZm7mulb.jpg

Kingscote Barn37_HJPwFi9g.jpg

Kingscote Barn38_NlcDfR7k.jpg

Kingscote Barn39_MeqqWWwe.jpg

Kingscote Barn40_ApiQujXs.jpg

Kingscote Barn41_F03jV1Yv.jpg

Kingscote Barn42_26dyh9Ep.jpg

Kingscote Barn43_5WVKHP0F.jpg

Kingscote Barn44_d7NSmMST.jpg

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