Bride and Groom chat together with gorgeous English countryside behind them. Taken at Kingscote Barn

Kyrie & Kristen - Kingscote Barn (March 2022)

I don't even know how to put into words how amazing Ben and his work is, we were so grateful to have him for our wedding last week and we would highly recommend him above anyone! Even a big portion of our guests commented how lovely he was to be around, which just goes to show how well he fit in with our friends and family on the day. The photos that came back are insane, some of them we didn't even realise he had taken or was even in the room for, he was so inconspicuous! He helpfully guided us for the posed shots we chose, and the rest he took were so natural and unstaged (and he still managed to get fantastic shots of us two usually very unphotogentic people). There isn't a single photo he has taken we don't like, which was what we thought basically impossible for us! And to top it all off he got our photos all back to us within a week which is crazy!
Super super happy with Ben! Will be recommending him to everyone!

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