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Birtsmorton Court Wedding

- 15 Jan 2014 -

I've heard nothing but great things about Birtsmorton Court, a hidden gem in Worcestershire.  The amazing wedding venue is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of 21st Century goings on.  Found near the foot of the Malvern Hills, Birtsmorton Court is a double moated medieval country manor house.

So as you can imagine, I was delighted when Lucy and James asked me to be their photographer at this wonderful venue.

Their wedding date was the 21st December, winter wedding, usually dark but the sun shone and the light was stunning...

Birtsmorton Court_voctUJKB.jpg

Security was tight with Grandad on the door...!

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Birtsmorton Court4_VnGrb1yo.jpg

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Birtsmorton Court7_gfFApxCd.jpg

Birtsmorton Court8_A5oNLYzd.jpg

Birtsmorton Court 8b1_DRfb1M2y.jpg

Birtsmorton Court9_HN0NzwbT.jpg

Birtsmorton Court10_0vzXigxr.jpg

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Birtsmorton Court16_1o2VcAA4.jpg

Birtsmorton Court 161_005GzHVu.jpg

Birtsmorton Court17_ezmGO10O.jpg

Birtsmorton Court18_jRf8qO0A.jpg

Birtsmorton Court20_MqdqMM3H.jpg

Birtsmorton Court21_0KWY5Idr.jpg

Birtsmorton Court23_c4qmVr6c.jpg

Birtsmorton Court23a_tb5VwHvf.jpg

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Birtsmorton Court28a_oio9HmPQ.jpg

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Birtsmorton Court31a_1MJl1f8V.jpg

Birtsmorton Court32a_imkUDIZX.jpg

Birtsmorton Court33_UBN1vgVG.jpg

Congratulations Lucy and James, what a wonderful winter wedding.

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