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Corporate Headshots

- 31 Jul 2018 -

We all know your most vital asset is your staff. After all they are usually at the front line of your business, interacting with your customers, clients and suppliers. First impressions are usually made within seconds usually online and that's why having an first class professional business profile is vital. 

What's also important is to have a profile that suits your business. Every business is different and certainly not a one size fits all. Your corporate headshot should reflect who you are and how you want to look to your prospective customers, clients and suppliers.

In previous blogs we've shown examples of different types of business headshots (Please click this link to see more), that have been used by various business on their company website or LinkedIn profile.

Here at Blooming Photography we pride ourselves on listening to each business, understand what you do exactly and therefore create a profile that will enhance your business that will give positive first impressions.

Octagon Consultancy are chartered financial planners based in Bristol. They were looking for headshots that represented them. None of them really liked having their photographs taken, and weren't that keen on looking stiff in suits because ultimately that wasn't them and not how their customers perceive them. Taking this on board, I devised a look that gave them corporate identity be it informal, but professional and approachable. They have used their images for their website, literature and LinkedIn profiles, ultimately providing a friendly face for their existing clients generating new business.



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