Two businesswomen chat at Kohler Designed to be Designed event at Mortimer House, London

Event Photographer - Kohler - Designed to Be Designed

- 30 Jan 2020 -

Social media certainly has it's benefits. It's quick, convenient, accessible, and let's face it, it's where trends are happening. Online networking is a big part of relationship- building however it's far from the big picture. Actually meeting face to face still offers a host of real advantages which business shouldn't be too quick to ignore. 

The trust that is gained from strong business relationships comes from sharing a real physical presence - and that's something the most dynamic online conversations can't provide. Even video networking, which conveys subtle cues like body language, facial expressions and voice tone, can't reproduce the reassuring grip of a confident handshake. 

A combination of both social media and face to face meetings can bring both powerful tools to the forefront of your business and then therefore lead business to be dynamic and future proof.

It is with this kind of thinking that Kohler invited leading bloggers and social influencers to a network breakfast at Mortimer House in London. The intention for Kohler to allow their guests to visibly see and touch Kohler's products, meet the designers behind the products and interact with other influencers that will shout out loudly to a wide audience ultimately promoting the Kohler brand. I was there of course to photograph the breakfast so that they could have high quality images, turned around and edited the same day, so that Kohler could use the photographs to further promote the networking event.

London Event Photographer 1 of20_lkwAcsHB.jpg

London Event Photographer 3 of20_WpjCf4uu.jpg

London Event Photographer 4 of20_Zt7Bs4aQ.jpg

London Event Photographer 5 of20_MEvCSYg0.jpg

London Event Photographer 6 of20_0NUMatiT.jpg

London Event Photographer 7 of20_qPCDmlaO.jpg

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London Event Photographer 9 of20_GWXLohr1.jpg

London Event Photographer 10 of20_iNK4CJVB.jpg

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London Event Photographer 12 of20_Kk0FRwJb.jpg

London Event Photographer 13 of20_dPFxfXuM.jpg

London Event Photographer 14 of20_KTS0t20T.jpg

London Event Photographer 15 of20_40RyfU0T.jpg

London Event Photographer 16 of20_91gSblrk.jpg

London Event Photographer 17 of20_akiozmhf.jpg

London Event Photographer 18 of20_E8QDZabe.jpg

London Event Photographer 19 of20_kOfZqM6I.jpg

London Event Photographer 20 of20_LvuhhWMg.jpg

A testimonial from Kohler about using me as their photographer.

"I cannot recommend Ben & his services highly enough. As a business we use Ben on a regular basis for corporate head shots and photographing company events. Ben is always extremely professional, easy to work with and always returns the results we desire. His photographs are always to the brief, of high quality and he always turns them around quickly meaning we never have to wait for the photos to come back to us. Working with Ben is an absolute pleasure."

Sammy Bickle

Kohler UK


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