Indian Wedding Ritual - Varanasi

- 19 Mar 2017 -

Regarded as the spiritual capital of India, Varanasi draws millions of pilgrims each year to the sacred River Ganges to wash away their sins. It's also where newly weds go to bless either side of the Ganges in a ceremony so two become one. On my personal quest to find cultural weddings around the world, I was privileged to witness one of these ceremonies...

You may ask why do Indian brides more than often look sad on their wedding day? Well, the bride upon marriage traditionally leaves her parents house so their is an element of sadness along with the happiness of her marriage...

To symbolise prosperity the bride holds a pot of gold.

The ceremony that I photographed had not one but two brides and grooms! 

Garlands of marigolds are presented to the grooms... 

An auspicious paste of turmeric is made to promise the success of the marriage.  

With the couples and boat blessed on the Varanasi side of the Ganges, time to head over to the other side...

The experience of crossing the River Ganges was heightened with music and guests dancing, something had to fill the time as it was just these two men who "powered" this large boat... If you don't believe me please take a look at the small video at the end of this blog post!

The red carpet was laid out for this wedding ;-)

Again turmeric paste was made to place on the river mud and reed to unite the two sides together. You may notice the seeds, this is to represent fertility. 

With the offerings made it was time for the blessing...

It was now time to board the boat and try and get back to Varanasi - this is a complete other story that has to be told only in person!

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