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Kingscote Barn Weddings

- 22 Mar 2019 -

I've been lucky enough to have photographed weddings at Kingscote Barn for nearly 10 years now. In that time I have never tired of the serenity that surrounds this wedding venue. It is after all, a working farm and during the seasons, the rolling Cotswold landscape that surrounds the barn, constantly change.  I feel this is the reason it never looses its charm. 

In this blog, rather than show you a specific wedding, I thought I'd show you a collection of weddings, taken from over the years many different brides and grooms' special day... 

Kingscote Barn1_yeUvtG7k.jpg

Kingscote Barn2_3f0rDFIC.jpg

Kingscote Barn3_MQM1ewjz.jpg

It's always lovely to document the getting ready, nerves are often quashed with a glass of fizz...

Kingscote Barn4_orcKxHuZ.jpg

Right now over to the boys, are they ready? Are they heck!

Kingscote Barn5_elgXNo0b.jpg

Da daa!

Kingscote Barn6_nXhqk36r.jpg

Mums often put the finishing touches to the dress...

Kingscote Barn7_6l1ZInFA.jpg

Kingscote Barn8_gHcADcfl.jpg

....nerves are building...

Kingscote Barn8a_0b9DQx8E.jpg

Kingscote Barn9_RXJCauhc.jpg

Kingscote Barn10_PikhXQky.jpg

Right back over to the boys, are they ready yet? Phew yes they are! Looking good boys, looking good...

Kingscote Barn11_2ATbUWD7.jpg

Here she comes..

Kingscote Barn13_HqG2fSo1.jpg

...and it was worth the wait...

Kingscote Barn14_N0n9QZV1.jpg

Kingscote Barn not only does beautiful ceremonies inside but also stunning ceremonies outside. 

Kingscote Barn15_cxqCLUlI.jpg

Kingscote Barn15a_cPG6JzkH.jpg

Kingscote Barn16_T03bzNVL.jpg

Kingscote Barn17_go3tAVwu.jpg

Yeah they did it...

Kingscote Barn18_eqz2WHV0.jpg

Kingscote Barn19_2DSzE0WD.jpg

Kingscote Barn19a_m0SvT5nZ.jpg

Spot the dabber!

Kingscote Barn20_DN7gJwoS.jpg

Right let's get this party started...

Kingscote Barn21_quMXFHwv.jpg

Kingscote Barn22_azyLN7Wz.jpg

Kingscote Barn23_OsMH8AA9.jpg

Kingscote Barn24_JtUn0fhv.jpg

Kingscote Barn25_jiB4EPDO.jpg

Kingscote Barn26_4ilOojIU.jpg

Cherish impromptu moments like these...

Kingscote Barn27_yzOFxlSj.jpg

Kingscote Barn28_YSSQsvrC.jpg

Kingscote Barn29_sqYKVs9c.jpg

Kingscote Barn30_W1Hw1sPM.jpg

Warning, flying kid coming in to land...!

Kingscote Barn30a_CU305GiS.jpg

Time for a few fun group shots.

Kingscote Barn31_gfsG8Une.jpg

Kingscote Barn32_SLhXIPMu.jpg

Kingscote Barn33_CXBO6Hdz.jpg

Kingscote Barn34_hjI2RIM3.jpg

..before a chance for the special couple to spend a bit of time together...

Kingscote Barn35_qoTK5sHV.jpg

Kingscote Barn36_EjQXcZnz.jpg

Kingscote Barn37_XNr2HWFA.jpg

Kingscote Barn38_BOojIudS.jpg

Kingscote Barn40_ew7sXS0l.jpg

Kingscote Barn41_600Xi8Ea.jpg

Wow that was quick, the room is turned around for the all important Wedding Breakfast...

Kingscote Barn42_aW4CqKn5.jpg

Kingscote Barn43_JjGqrLHN.jpg

Dinners served...

Kingscote Barn44_sllNJ8KE.jpg

Kingscote Barn45_nwdwrAVk.jpg

With the party in full swing, there are always photos a plenty...#lovemyjob! Rasberry anyone?

Kingscote Barn45a_r7JaFV0Q.jpg

Kingscote Barn46_A0makgy4.jpg

..great game...honest!

Kingscote Barn47_GU0zJWOz.jpg

Right, now time for the all important speeches...

Kingscote Barn48_4lTa936l.jpg

He's not going to say that is he?

Kingscote Barn48a_AcWt8hqy.jpg

Kingscote Barn49_yRO4z6eI.jpg

...Yes he did!!!  Awkward!

Kingscote Barn50_aIhaZ7jt.jpg

Kingscote Barn51_jqTPHOug.jpg

Kingscote Barn51a_CWhwWtzJ.jpg

Kingscote Barn52_SwncGbeL.jpg

With the speeches done and dusted, it can now be time for a quick get away...

Kingscote Barn53a_wpRowojb.jpg

... the grounds around Kingscote are stunning...

Kingscote Barn54_bxGq6ctO.jpg

Kingscote Barn55b_wDnpQba3.jpg

Kingscote Barn56_CYi8u2E5.jpg

Kingscote Barn57_wGUwwFSh.jpg

Not long before the 1st dance...

Kingscote Barn58_kpjNvdxB.jpg

Kingscote Barn59_EVdEgz0a.jpg

Kingscote Barn61_q0i3Wx80.jpg

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