bride and groom kiss in the Nevada desert, with a crashed US Navy war plane as backdrop.

Nevada Ghost Town Wedding | Roxanne & Pete

- 27 Feb 2023 -

So for something a little different,  Peter & Roxanne chose Nelson Ghost Town as their backdrop to their wedding. 

Nelson Ghost Town was in fact an abandoned gold mine. It’s been loveingly restored by its long-standing owners. The owners, are, in the most polite sense, hoarders. For 30 years, they have collected a wonderful eclectic collection of old cars, mining towers and equipment and two former military planes. Over the years, Nelson ghost town has provided the backdrop to dozens of television shows, commercials, and blockbuster movies including Kevin Costner's 3000 miles to Graceland. 

What’s more, it’s has a chapel, which makes it the perfect location to get married, right in Southern Nevada!

It is with this backdrop that also creates a perfect environment for a wedding. I met with Roxanne and Pete, who had decided to go alone and get married, without the pressure's of family. 

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Thank you so much Roxanne & Pete to allow me to be a part of your special day. 

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