Over Barn Wedding

- 12 Nov 2019 -

Annabelle & Ben came to me roughly a year ago. They'd been a guest at a wedding I was photographing and were intrigued in my natural relaxed approach. Ultimately this was what they were looking for, their wedding was to be a laid back affair, more a social gathering, drifting into a party kind of thing and they wanted me to fit in and photograph the goings on. Perfect, just how I like it!

Annabelle & Ben wanted their wedding venue to have a certain rustic-eccentric to it. I'm not exactly sure how they stumbled on Over Barn, but stumble they did and it ticked all the boxes. Over Barn is a gorgeous wooden barn venue, located at Gloucester's Over Farm, on the edge of Gloucester. A great selling point for Over Barn is that you can decorate it as you wish, and it can be yours for the weekend rather than just the day. Cool! 

Initially I was to photograph Annabelle and her bridal party at Ben & Annabelle's home as the final preparations were taking place. Then I was to go onto the Church (St, Peter's, Leckhampton) for the ceremony, before heading off to Over Barn. 

Set back on the edge of the Gloucestershire/ Cotswold hillside is St Peters' Church. 

Right, lets get this party started...lets get to Over Barn!

Yey it's Chris Quidgley (from Tux Fizz), doing his do! 

Some of you will recognise the man with the black hat. It's Darren Campbell, close up magician come charmer, If I were to have a party, he'd have to be there. Always a joy to watch him do his crowd pleasing, magic, kind of thing! 

Dad Dance with your dad...!

It has to be said that Tux Fizz (& Chris) is the best band you can possibly book for your wedding. (& I've seen a lot!)

Booom! What a party that was. Thanks Annabelle & Ben for letting me be a part of your special wedding day. 

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