groom reading his wedding vows (at Syrencot) to his wife with family and friends sitting behind them

Syrencot | Hayley & Azmi's wedding

- 14 Jun 2022 -

Nestled in the gorgeous Wiltshire countryside is a enchanting walled garden country estate called Syrencote. I'd actually never been there before, but had only heard good things about it as a wedding venue.

Stooped in history the house dates back to 13th Century. More recently however (in WW2), it was interestingly used for operational purposes, as it stands next to Sailsbury Plain. It became a "house of secrets" reputedly as a centre for some kind of espionage activity, although no official confirmation to that effect was ever given!

More recently however, Syrencot has had a change of use, been painstakingly redeveloped and is now a wonderful intimate wedding venue. 

I met up with Hayley and Azmi, who were both a mixture of nerves and happiness on this stunning May day...  

Syrencote, a gorgeous wedding venue

The Greenhouse (Ceremony room) at Syrencote, a gorgeous wedding venue.

groom being tucked in from his bestman

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grooms men in a black and white image taken at Syrencote.

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Father of the bride seeing his daughter for the 1st time in her wedding dress

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Hayley Azmi 941 of1070_GPgiJ5QL.jpg

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Syrencot 97 of98_k5Q0wrd6.jpg

Syrencot 98 of98_OiGZkGYu.jpg

Thank you Azmi & Hayley for letting me be a part of your special day. 

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Wedding planner: @syrencot

Caterers: @syrencot

Cake Maker: @caked.patisserie   

Florist: @podandpip           

Decorations: @lovewithletters_                

THE Dress: @pronovias     

Mens suits: @georginascottbridal           

Make Up and Hair: @joelizabethweddings                     

DJ/Band: @apollogoldband