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- 11 Jun 2014 -

Wedding photography is all about providing a perfect record of a couple's wedding day…..

I actually photographed Lucy and Nick's wedding day two years ago. Why create a blog now then? When I took these photographs it was the end of August at a time when I'm photographing a wedding pretty much every other day and unfortunately I never had the chance to show off the images as it was vital that I kept up with editing and photographing.

Like most people though, when couples get their wedding photographs, be it on disc or in album - they look at them initially night after night but after a couple of months other things happen and the wedding photographs get tucked away, almost hidden…. However be it an anniversary or a family occasion then it's time to bring out the wedding pictures again.

This is where I come in, it is crucial I take photographs that not only capture the beauty and spontaneity of the day but that really stand the test of time.  A perfect record with longevity, a family heirloom that in 1 month, 1 year, 10 years or even 100 years time can be looked back on with fondness and can be passed from generation to generation.

I first met up with Lucy as she had just got into her dress - you may notice that Lucy has a "little bump" - yes she was 5 months pregnant and "blooming"!

Congratulations again Lucy and Nick! As you can see it's always nice to look back at your wedding pictures…

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