The Wool Barn Wedding

- 10 Jun 2014 -

If anyone saw the weather report for Richard and Sarah's humanist ceremony, then the last thing you'd be expecting is for them to be having an outdoor ceremony…but thats exactly how things can turn out. 

I have long stopped relying on weather reports as they end up stressing you out most of the week in anticipation of "bad weather" for sunshine to show its face once more. Plus as we know there is nothing you can do about the weather anyway - weddings are a celebration and I always try and tell my bride and grooms, pack an umbrella and most likely we won't have to use it, and if we do, then umbrellas look good in pictures!

Richard and Sarah had chosen Wool Barn (In the quaintly English village, Frampton Upon Severn) not only because of the Wool Barn itself, but also for the amazing private gardens surrounding it…. 

…time for some celebratory fizz… 

The sun was now so hot, it was time to bring out the umbrella's to protect the guests…! 

Whilst everyone slowly went into the wedding breakfast… it gave me time to take a few shots of Richard and Sarah...