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UK Engineering / Manufacturing Photographer - Dekomte Case Study

- 31 Jan 2020 -

When you design, manufacture, engineer or sell a unique product or offer an alternative service, how easy is it for the client that your selling to, to fully understand the process?  You might personally know your product or service inside out and although you think you can convey in words what it is or or what the product does, only through images can you really get your customer to truly visualise and understand what you have. This simple reality equates to sales.

Dekomte are an innovative engineering/manufacturing company that produce a wide range of products from expansion joints to specialist bellows that are largely used in the energy sector. It is therefore essential that the technical specification of their products are produced to the highest of standards. Dekomte was founded by Gunther de Temple in Germany in the 1978 and Dekomte is now a leading producer of expansion joints and bellows supplying their products throughout the world.     

I've been photographing Dekomte for a number of years. Initially starting out photographing the staff headshots at Dekomte UK, then onto photographing their products on site in power stations and also heading over to their engineering and manufactoring factories in Romania. It was in Romania that I gained a real understanding of what is involved in the process when creating their unique product. The brief from Dekomte was to get high class imagery of their product so that they could include these images in their sales brochures - again much easier for their clients to visualise the final product than simply see technical drawings. The following photographs showcase some of the images that are used in a variety of Dekomte's promotional material which has been an indispensable tool for the sales team. 

Dekomte engineering factory in Romania

team photograph for engineering factory in Romania

engineer pressing steel in an engineering factory

UK Engineering Photographer 5 of34_d9tdc5jz.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 6 of34_38RI56mJ.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 7 of34_YKCBWCtW.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 8 of34_RQXc2phH.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 3 of34_oB2wNJn1.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 9 of34_UoQYWW9A.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 11 of34_gX7HhS0E.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 13 of34_t09QqQSc.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 15 of34_WV00Q4l0.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 16 of34_Ufa4QXDT.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 19 of34_xunPLB8m.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 20 of34_fNgUCmLo.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 21 of34_x6lxKhDx.jpg

Whilst in Romania, I also brought my portable product studio. We were able to photograph the wide range of products on site in both the engineering factory and manufactoring plant. 

engineering expansion joint

UK Engineering Photographer 23 of34_agIjH6A0.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 24 of34_CzUyOA6p.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 25 of34_6hWrWaht.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 26 of34_tzxTkvUA.jpg

Another valuable asset to Dekomte's business is providing field support and engineering assistance for power and industrial plants.

Inspections are a core part of ensuring plant integrity, life and reliability. Dekomte has a team of specialist engineers available to carry out a range of inspection services, both online and offline, intrusive and non-intrusive, it was therefore vital that I photograph there products and their team doing their work.

Engineer using a thermal heat gun on expansion joint in power station.

UK Engineering Photographer 28 of34_yw47iWO9.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 29 of34_b0PZ2lMB.jpg

UK Engineering Photographer 30 of34_DH7eW2LI.jpg

So the final product.. 

thermal inspection of a Dekomte expansion joint at Severn power plant

...a glossy new brochure for the sales team to use to generate new and existing business.

Business people discuss new product in magazine.

Dekomte's UK Managing Director Jake Waterhouse kindly wrote the following testimonial about using me as Dekomte's photographer:

"Over the past 5 years, we have used Ben Roberts from Blooming Photography to support us in our commercial photography needs. He has managed to deliver exceptional results in portraits, studio product photography, workshop action shots, in place product imagery through to being on site in a power plant capturing our product in operation. The toughest part in working with a someone in our field is to convey the technical nature of the solutions we design and supply; Ben has been quick to understand and deliver the imagery that really reflects the capabilities and technical excellence that we strive for. I look forward to many more years of Blooming Photography supporting us, capturing our key team moments to our latest solutions. The imagery tells an important story of our company development and is pivotal in marketing and supporting our continued growth."


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